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Pantyhose boots combination

Is the pantyhose boots combination a turn-off? During a conversation with a buddy of mine, this came out several times. He claims that guys do not care to admire women wearing boots with their outfits. Obviously I disagree, and I say it is not true.

asian pantyhose bootsWhen shooting for Classy Pantyhose, Buku Models or Clpsexy, I don’t always have a clothing stylist with me. So I need to create different looks the can be appreciated by our viewers on the different sites. I get criticized for some of the looks I choose, but I also get lots of praises for keeping a very diverse combinations of sets.

What do you think? What outfit do you like most? Comment appreciated from women or guys alike. I understand that we all have our own preferences when it comes to pantyhose, but do you think we should offer only one look, or a nice variety of nylons’ looks?

I have nothing against women wearing their heel. Actually,  I love women in high heels shoes with almost every outfit. I think that high heels shoes such as stiletto, pump, sandals, platform, and so on, make women’s legs look great. However, some women’s ankles are not the prettiest, and the boots can hide the flaws, and keep it a sexy anyway. In some cases, the pantyhose boots combination completes the look with skirt and dresses, as we are drawn to the sexy thighs in covered in nylons.

A woman’s opinion is always welcomed. So I asked Lillian about that, and she says that women love to wear high boots as an alternative to shoes. They like to wear boot with certain outfits, so they can be more comfortable and sexy at the same time. Especially in the northern climates, pantyhose boot combination is a necessity when going to work, on a date,  or out to the club.

ebony pantyhose bootsThose girl who live in warmer climates, they long for cooler weather so the could wear some sexy tights and boots with their outfits. They like the pantyhose boots look, and they also like the empowerment of a nice kick-ass outfit. Lillian constantly hears that from her friends who live on the islands. She says that they can’t wait to visit, so they can wear boots, tights, and coats.

I don’t believe that there is one look that fits all. I believe in variety and different combinations, such as  pantyhose and boots; shoes and tights; hose and stilettos; miniskirt and sheer to waist; lingerie and stockings; and any other nylon combination that you can think of.

There are so many  opinions from women and men alike. Some hate pantyhose, some love them. They all have a different reason why hate or love pantyhose. So “can we all get along?”

Here at Classy Lady Production we celebrate diversity. In this case, the freedom to like different outfits, and all combination. So do not discount one look, but focus on your passion.

What is your nylon or lingerie passion? Tell us all about, leave a comment.

Your truly, Tony the photographer.

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regular girl in pantyhose

regular girl in pantyhose (via

Regular girl in pantyhose When we are looking for some professional pantyhose pictures around, we all see perfect models in pantyhose, but what about real girls in pantyhose. Those girls who are attractive but that don’t have the looks that are favored…


Lingerie or Pantyhose

Lingerie or Pantyhose (via

What do you prefer, lingerie or pantyhose? Lingerie or pantyhose? Why not both. If you like women in pantyhose or in lingerie you are in the right place. Obviously if you are at Classy Pantyhose, you most likely prefer women in pantyhose. If you are…


Sexy Boudoir Photography

sexy boudoir photography

sexy boudoir photographySexy boudoir photography at

Just wanted to share that our site dedicated to sexy boudoir photography is now ready. Just in case you have missed it, Classy Lady Production is proud to remind you of our other site. is a site dedicated to beautiful women who like to share their intimate moments with you.

On the site, we offer a little of everything. You can see women in lingerie teasing you to death. Also you can watch and appreciate some incredible upskirt–some with panties and some without. Furthermore, if you prefer some tasteful and sexy nudes, we have that as well.

As alway, our promise is for variety. We showcase all type of women in sexy boudoir photography. Sexy girls of different body sizes. Beautiful women of all races, black/ebony, asian, blondes, brunettes, latinas and so on. Different type of clothing as well, like lingerie; stockings, night-gowns, stilettos, corsets, sheer dresses, and much more.

What is sexy boudoir photography? In this case means some of the most beautiful women in sensual and intimate situation. You can see them dressing and undressing; posing for you in lingerie or implied nude; or you can see them feeling very sexy while caressing their naked body.

sexy boudoir photography

This is not for everyone. This site is for demanding men who crave classy ladies, not trash. It is for those men who appreciate some of the most beautiful sexy images, that you don’t see often anywhere else. It is for men who appreciate women beauty, and who get turned on by entering a forbidden place. Watching a woman’s private and intimate moment is a precious thing. Now, you can be a voyeur, while behind the curtain, these girls feel good about their sexy bodies.

What kind of models should you expect to see? Some are professional models, but most are just regular girls who love showing off their sensuality and beauty. Sexy boudoir photography is a way to celebrate their womanhood, and to feel good about themselves while other just admire them.

For our friends that are already admiring our work at Classy Pantyhose, and Buku Models, this is a nice way to see some of the same girls in different outfit, and in different situations. You’ll also have the opportunity to see different girls that you never seen before.

The site is priced really low $7.97, so anyone can afford to view the member’s area. Click on this link to join and enjoy the Classy Lady experience.


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pantyhose upskirt

pantyhose upskirt (via

Pantyhose upskirt in public places Want to se pantyhose upskirt pictures? Time to introduce our pantyhose girl this week, Destiny. She has a vibrant personality, great legs, and multiples sides. Come inside Classy pantyhose to view the photos of our…


pantyhose content

ebony pantyhose content

Classy lady production

Let me start by thanking you all for reading our blog and for supporting our most important clients, and Classy Lady Production is a content provider and a publication for anything lingerie and pantyhose related. Generally with do not do porn. However our photographers have been hired to capture a wide range of adult content to a selected group of clients. If you want to start your own website, we may sell or lease you the content for your website.

Our relationship with Buku Models

We are grateful to have a good working relationship with Buku, an ebony pantyhose content site. They are independently owned and run. We strongly support them, and we provide them with some of their content. When we provide our pantyhose content to them, that content is ONLY VIEWABLE on their website. They have an exclusive arrangement with us and a very close working relationship. Watch a video here.

Our site is a magazine site that we have created to share some of the news related to stocking, pantyhose content, and sexy ladies in lingerie. Our site was created by a woman and is run by several women, we also have creative men as well on staff. Our goal is to promote a cleaner and more sophisticated brand of sexy photography. We want women to feel comfortable about their sex-appeal; and we want men to feel free to admire beautiful women in their undergarments.

Beside producing top notch content, we offer an opportunity to bring our models and clients together. We are here to make it easy for women to safely model in this field, and to build their own fan base.

Our blog

On our blog you’ll find articles from a wide range of contributors. We talk about what’s new, and what’s worth watching. We feature some models in pantyhose; or models in lingerie and boudoir setting. We also showcase some selected photographers, whose outstanding work is about feminine beauty.

Other sites

Beside this sites, we are directly involved with other sites such as Classy Pantyhose. On each individual sites, we offer unique pantyhose content and a unique approach. We are also indirectly involved with other sites that you’ve seen around, which we cannot disclose.

Support us

In order to keep providing great lingerie and pantyhose content, we need you to support our sites. Buku Models cannot exist if you don’t subscribe. In order to exist, sites like Buku and CP,  need the monetary support of their clients. Photo shoots are costly, and we like to pay our models a fair wage. In addition we like to hire the best talent out there such as make-up artists and photographers. Don’t forget to join our site today.

pantyhose content

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pantyhose model at Buku

ebony french maid in pantyhose

While going over some of Buku’s older sets of women in pantyhose, Ms. Chris caught my fancy.  She is one of the many models in their site, that you never get tired to admire.

ebony nurse in pantyhose Ms. Chriss is a Haitian girl with a curvy body and a round butt. She looks great in pantyhose, high heels, and sexy outfits. She is a natural born tease, and she shows it.

What I like most about her is her “regular girl” look, and her very sexy expressions. Her simplicity is a great asset, and her charm is captivating.

In these sets, she has blond hair–or she’s wearing blond extension, i’m not sure. This adds character, and an exotic appeal. Black girls with blond hair can look very intriguing, and makes them stand out.

In my opinion this photo shoot does stand out for several other reasons. One reason is her personality, and the other is her appearance. Her easy going and fun loving attitude, make her look even more sexy.  She’s at ease in her pantyhose and in her sexy outfits. We used some funny costumes, French-maid, nurse, and bride; and we paired them with different pantyhose.

She loved playing the part to the best of her abilities. Sexy french maid in pantyhose, is one outfit that she wore. Under her costume she wore a pair of beige pantyhose. Naughty nurse was another outfit. When wearing the sexy nurse in pantyhose outfit, she wore white pantyhose with a nurse costume. She also wore white pantyhose and a white bra when she acted the part of a veiled bride. What a sexy bride she was.

ebony bride in pantyhose

As I mentioned, her appearance is unique. Beside being a pretty ebony model in pantyhose with blond hair, she has a unique look. She’s not a tall and skinny model, but she is a bit short and curvy. That is great for some of you. The folks at Buku have been getting many requests for big butts in pantyhose lately. So if you are one of those who requested this kind of girl, she’s your girl. We suggest that you go back and revisit her. Her thick thighs look great in pantyhose, and her round butt is super sexy covered in nylons.

If you’re not a member of Buku Models, you can check her out, by joining the site for just 9.95, less than what you’d pay for a movie these days. It sure will entertain you for more that two hours.

Yours truly, Tony the photographer at Classy Lady Productions.

black french maid pantyhose

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Brazilian Beauty in Pantyhose

Brazilian Beauty in Pantyhose (via

Brazilian beauty in pantyhose, a sexy combination. Many of you have been asking for a latino woman or a brazilian beauty in pantyhose. So this week at Classy Pantyhose, we are introducing Asanti Aurum, an exotic model from the western US. You can definitely…


Pantyhose Fashion

ebony pantyhose

This week we’re going to talk about pantyhose fashion, and all things related to beautiful fashionable legs. Nylons can be the finishing touch to create a beautiful look, almost as important as many other accessories. Furthermore, it improves your beauty. Think of a pair of hose as an essential piece of your make-up kit.

In the past, we’ve heard much about why women should not wear pantyhose. The reasons are many, varying from the old fashion look, to the uncomfortable issue, or the too conformist idea. We think this is wrong, and more women would definitely benefit from wearing nylons more often, unless the weather is not allowing it. This is good in general, not only on the workplace, but also in a casual setting, and definitely when on a date.

For simplicity sake, I’d like to talk about the “look” issue, and to point out some common sense arguments that will never go out of style. Actually, there are many practical reasons why a woman should cover her legs with a thin layer of nylon such as pantyhose, stockings, or tights. However, the most obvious reason is beauty, or improving one’s look. Yes, despite the style, a pair pantyhose makes women look prettier. I’m sure that most men reading this would agree with me, right? If you think so, just vote below, or leave a comment.

ebony pantyhose fashion


The look is very important when women dress up, and pantyhose can help by adding elements of style. Patterns and designs are as fashionable as shoes and jewelry. For the fashion conscious girls, we recommend wearing fashion pantyhose which are widely available everywhere.

If you don’t want to be flashy, you can still wear regular pantyhose or tights to hide imperfections on your legs. The right color pantyhose will also make you look slimmer, as it would complete the look with a nice pair of shoes. Obviously, the right combination of pantyhose, heels, dress, can also make you very stylish, elegant, and more attractive–we call this pantyhose fashion.

Some women believe that pantyhose are un-sexy. Wrong, sheer pantyhose are sexy to most men; and more practical than stockings. It’s proven that men admire a women’s look, more when her legs are covered in nylons.

Pantyhose fashion at Buku Models

All of what it is mentioned in this post, can be proved by some of the images included in this post. If you want to see more of these images, you can visit, and join their site. Some time ago, Buku Models, asked us to photograph some models in a more fashion oriented style, to be used on their pantyhose models’ website. At Buku, they understand that there are many cheesy and distasteful images  of women in pantyhose all over the web. However, being focused on ebony models in pantyhose, Buku Models recognizes the need for captivating images of classy ladies in pantyhose, and we are committed to provide them with the most exquisite content that you can find. You can only view this content on their site.

ebony pantyhose

This week at BUKUMODELS.COM, Honey is the star. Come and visit her as she poses in pantyhose as a fashion model on the runway, showing off her legs in short dresses, while you can take a peek under her dress. Don’t forget to watch her video trailer “Pantyhose Fashion”

Do you admire women when they're wearing pantyhose?

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ebony model

Watch Video Here


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Recent Update

Recent Update (via

A quick recent update for this week at Classy Pantyhose. We made some general improvements to site, and we added some more galleries of women in pantyhose. Here is a list of updates. We are pleased to announce that we have added CCBILL as a new payment…


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